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Guitar Music for Kids

April 17, 2018

Watching someone play guitar who knows how to play is fascinating.  Their fingers dance along the strings and it produces beautiful music that captivates and inspires you.  This is probably why so many kids want to learn to play guitar.  The thing parents don’t realize is that guitar music for kids is not just about becoming a rock star it can also have a positive impact on your children.

Building Self-Esteem

Learning a new skill, especially one that you had to work for helps you to believe in yourself.  Your child now has a special talent or skill that is their own and they can use it to express themselves.  Guitar lessons give your child a voice that is new and they can play and learn the type of music that they love.  Many people use music to work through feelings and express them in a positive way.  Here is how music helps build self-esteem.

Music and the Brain

Music and learning a musical instrument is beneficial for brain activity.  The cortex lobes in your brain are activated when you play music, read music scores and learning musical theory.  The more you use your brain the more you thrive.

Learning to play the guitar or any instrument for that matter means you have to practice and that takes discipline.  When your child learns a new instrument they are also learning skills like self-discipline and hard work.  If they want to learn how to play a favorite song then they are going to have to sit down and practice and that the results are determined by the amount of work they put in.

Kids, and adults too for that matter all learn in different ways with some more visual learners and others being more hands on.  Learning music helps you break down your own learning process to make it work for you.  Learning a song is a big task, but breaking it down into manageable parts like chords, scales and bridges is how you understand your own learning process.  Imagine your child taking that skill to school and using it to understand math, science or any other subject that they struggle with.

If your child expresses an interest in learning the guitar then you should encourage that, it will only benefit them in the end.

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